Sidney Mohede - More to Our Story
Sidney Mohede - More to Our Story Uploaded on: 13 April 2019
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I wrote this song in the middle of the night back in November 2018. My family were all asleep as I sat in front of our piano, the words and melody flowed out that night and it was simply a moment of surrender. I know there is more to our story, whatever storms and challenges we face today is not the end, friends. Apostle Paul said this in Romans 8: “I am convinced that any suffering we endure is less than nothing compared to the magnitude of glory that is about to be unveiled within us.” ‭‭(Romans‬ ‭8:18‬ ‭TPT‬‬). As I face yet another health challenge in this season, I have learned to say ‘it is well with my soul’, because I know my God is GOOD and He is always in control, even when the situation around us is not good. Hope you’re blessed by this song, friends. What’s your favorite line in the song? Let me know in the comments below! MORE TO OUR STORY Song & Lyric Sidney Mohede I know there’s more to our story There’s more to see than with our eyes Sometimes this fear can feed our worries But I know I am safe here in Your arms Teach me to trust You with my whole life More than just lyrics in my songs The battle is Yours for You are for me And You are always good and in control This heart sings This heart sings It is well with my soul This heart sings This heart sings It is well with my soul It is well with my soul I know there’s purpose to our suffering For all things eternal can’t be seen My lips will always sing Your glory For even in the silence I know You’re GOOD I lay it down I lay it all down This life You gave is not my own So I lay it down I lay it down Published by Insight Unlimited Publishing Email: [email protected] • Digital Distribution : Inside Subscribe to my channel: Follow on Spotify: Like on Facebook: Follow on Instagram: Follow on Twitter: