Sidney Mohede - Song Story (Hosanna - Be Lifted Higher)
Sidney Mohede - Song Story (Hosanna - Be Lifted Higher) Uploaded on: 14 June 2018
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Hello everyone and welcome to another Song Story video. 'Hosanna (Be Lifted Higher)' is one of those songs that just flowed out of me. Grateful for my dear friend Israel Houghton for writing this song with me. Hope you like this Song Story and do share, like, comment and of course, subscribe to this channel. We will be posting more contents regularly. Until next time, be good and be kind, friends! HOSANNA/BE LIFTED HIGHER Hosanna in the highest Let our King be lifted up Hosanna! Be lifted higher, higher Be lifted higher Jesus You be lifted higher Higher Published by Insight Unlimited Publishing Email: [email protected] ***Powered by*** • Production : Project Slingshot • Sound : Soundworks • Lighting : Lightworks • Venue : Aruba by The Kasablanka & Insight Unlimited Store Kota Kasablanka • Digital Distribution : Inside Subscribe to my channel: Follow on Spotify: Like on Facebook: Follow on Instagram: Follow on Twitter: